Paddington Bear


Genre: Family/Comedy

Duration: 60 minutes

“For those under 8, the action is hilarious, and members of that demographic at the performance I attended were squealing, giggling and bouncing in their seats.”

——The New York Times

“Jonathan Rockefeller has done it again! The creator of the smash hit The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show has a new show out this winter: Paddington Gets in a Jam – a funny, exquisitely beautiful production aimed at young children and featuring the impossibly adorable Paddington Bear.”

——The Mama Maven


Paddington Bear, a production currently in development based on the precocious bear you know and love. Rockefeller Productions has secured the rights to develop a young family show that is set to launch in Toronto in the Spring of 2020 followed by a run in New York City in the fall. By 2021, Paddington Bear is set to tour the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
On October 13, 1958, one of the world’s most famous bears was born when A Bear Named Paddington was published. Inspired by a gift that author Michael Bond bought for his wife in a London department store, the adventures of Paddington Bear have been translated in over 40 languages. across 100 countries. The 60year legacy continues to have an ever-growing appeal with young audiences around the world.
Paddington Bear was solidified as an iconic British character with the 1975 BBC television program written by the creator and author, Michael Bond. The brand had an international resurgence with the 2014 and 2017 films starring Paddington Bear, which were produced by Harry Potter’s David Heyman. The Paddington Bear movies became the most successful independent family movie franchise ever grossing almost half a billion dollars at the Box Office.