Variant 31



The world’s largest, adrenaline-pumping, interactive gaming experience. The 90 minute experience allows to explore the ruins of Toxico Technologies, whose chemical weapon experiments have unleashed the undead. Teams are tasked to freely explore the 42,000 square foot facility, solving puzzles and interacting with over 150 performers as they attempt to escape. Variant 31 is not a virtual reality or haunted house attraction, but is described as an “immersive survival game.”

Media Review

“The set was ambitious and attention to detail was chilling.”

——Culture Whisper

“Immersive zombie adventure delivers the thrills.”

——The Stage

“There is so much potential in this show. The game itself is quite thrilling and the technology is extraordinary. “

——Broadway World

Genre: Immersive/Game

Duration: 90 mins

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