Shh! We Have A Plan



Follow the delightful and sur- prising journey of a family adventuring through the woods – when they see a beautiful bird perched high in a tree, each of these three mad- cap characters have a plan to capture it! Sounds simple, but the quest soon becomes an obsession and the obsession becomes the ab- surd! Where will it all end? Join us as the youngest teaches everyone that kindness and treating nature with respect is more important than get- ting what you want at any cost.


2017 International Performing Arts for Youth (IPAY):
Showcase Artist

2014 UK Theatre Awards:
Best Production for Children and Young People category(Nominated)

2013 Off West End Awards:
Best Production for Young People category

Media Review

“Captivatingly designed mini opera with puppets for young and older audiences alike.”

——The Stage

“Full of laughs, magic, puppetry, and entertaining moments that will capture the imagination of the younger audience.”

——Belfast Telegraph

Genre: Puppet/Opera

Duration: 45 mins

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