The Little Prince



After having crossed the clouds, an aviator descends from the sky to find himself thousands and thousands of miles from inhabited earth in the middle of the desert. He meets our Little Prince walking on a sphere, flying with straps from one planet to another, and looking for his sheep. Our Little Prince discovers his Rose and cleans his planet in an ecological manner. He then continues his journey and meets a King who dances and sits on his “human” throne, a hip-hop Vain Man obsessed with his hat and his selfies. He cries with a Drunkard who dances, wobbles, and collapses, gets bored with a Businessman who dances, counts, and recounts his wealth. He continues his journey and is amazed by a Street Lamplighter on his flying pole. And when visiting Earth, he approaches a contortionist Snake descending a mallakhamb rope. Continuing his journey on Earth, he crosses seasons and tames an acrobatic fox, finally ending up in the arms of his aviator around amiraculous well.

Media Review

“Frist Class”

—— Le Parisien

“Thrilling and Breathtaking.”

—— Deadline

“The Little Prince is so ingenious in conception and seemingly effortless in execution, it will continue to glow inside audience members who see it.”
—— LIMELIGHT Music, Arts & Culture

Genre: Dance/Aerial Acrobatics

Duration: 85 mins

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