Oliver Twist



Taking London as the background, it tells the tragic life experience of an orphan Oliver. He grew up in an orphanage, experienced an apprenticeship, fled hard, mistakenly entered the den of thieves, and was forced to stay with vicious murderers. He experienced countless hardships. Finally, with the help of kind people, he found out his life experience and obtained happiness.

2010 WhatsOnStage Awards:
Best Musical Revival
Best Actor in a Musical(Rowan Atkinson)
Best Supporting Actress in a Musical(Jodie Prenger)

1997 Laurence Olivier Award:
Best Actor in a Musical(Robert Lindsay)

1963 Tony Award:
Best Original Score(Lionel Bart)
Best Conductor and Musical Director(Don Pippin)
Best Scenic Design(Sean Kenny)

Media Review

“Certainly Oliver! is more than a musical.”

——The Guardian

“It’s a bright, shiny, heartwarming musical, packed with songs and lively production highspots.”


“True, bracing and faithful.”

——British Theatre Guide

Genre: Drama/Adventure

Duration: 150 mins

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