King Kong



Follow an ambitious young actress and a maverick filmmaker as they voyage from the bustling streets of 1930s New York to an uncharted island to capture the greatest wonder the world has ever seen. At the center of this 21st-century reimagining: a 2,000-pound gorilla brought roaring to life by a team of seamlessly integrated artists and technicians.


2019 Tony Award:
Special Tony Award(Sonny Tilders)
Special Tony Award(Creature Technology Company)

2019 Drama Desk Award:
Outstanding Puppet Design(Sonny Tilders)
Outstanding Projection Design(Peter England)

Media Review

“A Grand,heart-stopping spectacle.”


“An epic,dazzling, thrill ride.”


“It’s spectacular. Visually and technically, this is theatre that we haven’t seen before.”

——Aussie Theatre

Genre: Drama / Puppets

Duration: 120 mins

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