Sherlock Holmes An Online Adventure



The Home Secretary, the Foreign Secretary and the Lord Chancellor have all been found hanging in their own chambers. Each victim died on their birthday after receiving a card with a mysterious quote written inside, but what does this mean? Where’s Sherlock? And will you be able to solve the case before the murderer strikes again? As the newest recruits of Scotland Yard, follow in the footsteps of the great detective himself. Make your own deductions by interviewing suspects, reading reports and searching for hidden clues, in this digital, multi-sensory world. Reasoning, adventure, role play, all wishes are met at one time!

Media Review

“This little gem will lift your spirits.”

——The Telegraph

“Pure pleasure, an escapist entertainment.”


“It’s great fun, has an eye for detail, and is a cut above some of the online experiences.”


Genre: Online interaction/Reality puzzle game/Immersive

Duration: 90 mins

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