Jiage the Ultimate Hiphop Dance



If there are only Chinese songs in the world” is a unique hip-hop theater performance, which combines music, hip-hop, talk show and artistic creation with Chinese and Asian characteristics, and tell the story of Chinese youth in the trend “language”. The dream of creating the ultimate stage of street dance comes from bold attempts again and again-in 2011, Popping dancer Liao Bo created a new form of street dance performance with the Chinese song “I miss”; On April 7, 2017, China’s first pure Chinese song street dance performance “If there are only Chinese songs in the world” started its tour in Beijing. By 2020, the event has held 6 performances nationwide, with more than 100 works brought by more than 50 dancers and more than 300 million video views.

Media Review

“The hiphop dance culture and Chinese music are well combined…that’s what they want to do and what is meaningful.”

——Liao Bo Host

“Using my own best way to deliver the melody and lyrics, sharing my emotions together.”

——Bo Wen Chen Champion Dancer

“Nearly perfect new experience!”

——Ada Audience

Genre: Hiphop Dance

Duration: 120 mins

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