Disney Gala Live in Concert



The Disney Gala Live In Concert is officially licensed by The Walt Disney Company and jointly held by Harmonia Holdings, Ltd and E-Young Culture Co, Ltd, bringing a fantastic fairy tale extravaganza to domestic audiences.

The concert will be a perfect blend of singing, orchestra and animation. There are not only excellent musical singers and actors working together with domestic orchestra to perform Disney’s most representative classics in English, but also a super large screen with Disney’s original animation films in high definition, offering the audience an audio-visual feast that brings together sound, light, film and singing. The concert will feature twenty classic melodies from The Walt Disney Company’s twelve hit animation films. The theme songs and soundtracks of many popular animations such as “Frozen”, “Lion King”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Aladdin”, etc. will all be on stage. Among them, some well-known pieces will be performed for the first time on the Chinese stage. When the curtain goes up and the music starts, Disney’s fantasy world awaits every audience to explore

Genre: Concert

Duration: 110 mins

To view musical video footage, please click here.