Wonderland Wives


Creators/Authors: Buddy Thomas

Genre: Comedy
Duration: 120 min
Cast Size: 1m / 5f
Class: Full Length Play
Performing Groups: College Theatre / Student Community Theatre Professional Theatre / Blackbox

“Playwright Thomas bends and turns with merry zanniness the familiar story as he transforms normally upstanding characters to create chaotic silliness.”

——Curtain Up Pheonix


Cinderella’s Prince Charming is serving ten years in the pen, Belle’s house is overrun with little monsters, Alice has been hitting the caterpillar’s pipe a little too hard lately, and Snow White’s husband has shacked up with the three little pigs. Now she’s keeping up appearances as the fairest in the land with the help of a little girdle and a lot of hair dye, and trying to keep Belle from draining the royal booze reserves and Cindy from inhaling the banquet table. When Briar Rose comes home from rehab with the face of a beauty, and Charming returns from prison with the libido of a beast, the desperate housewives of the magical kingdom are forced to grapple with princely infidelity, poison apples, and Cindy’s appetite for creamy poofs and brutal revenge. This fractured fairy tale brings an arched brow and an eye for dark, sexy hilarity to the Ever After that keeps going long after the Happily fades away.