Arts Education Programming
and Community Engagement

Harmonia brings innovative arts education practices and performing arts curriculum into Asian schools. Through successful strategic partnerships with top teaching institutions and individuals, we have both enhanced existing school arts programs as well as established wholly new arts education packages. We offer camp-style programs bringing Asian students to New York for an authentic taste of Broadway and an immersive cultural exchange experience. 

We create unique student and artist opportunities ranging from professional performer master classes to introductory arts seminars. We provide both local student master classes and local arts educator courses.


China National Theatre for Children

I hope we can set up a bridge to ensure unremitting efforts on the development of TYA around the world, and new and greater contributions to the happiness and growth of our children.

Xiaodong Yin - Chairman
Children’s Theatre of Charlotte

The exploration of theatre and creative drama challenges students to succeed in a safe, fun environment. Ultimately, we build life skills through theatre skills and train students to step into the professional world.

Michelle Long - Director of Education